Samsung Launches Curved Gaming Monitor in Europe


Samsung Electronics inspires the world and shapes the future with trans-formative ideas and technologies that give people the power to discover new experiences. With a constant focus on innovation and discovery, Samsung launches Curved Gaming Monitor in Europe at gamescom 2019, the world’s largest gaming event. 

Samsung Curved Gaming Monitor

Samsung launches its latest gaming technology at gamescom 2019 in Europe. The Samsung Curved Gaming Monitor CRG5 is 240Hz Rapid Curve with Nvidia G-Sync, which gives the best gaming experience ever. CRG5 is the world’s first curved monitor with 240Hz refresh rate and 1500R curvature. 

“Great gaming PCs deserve fantastic monitors and Samsung’s first NVIDIA G-SYNC Compatible monitor, the C27RG5 means a smooth, tear-free, and stunning gaming experience for users with GeForce GTX 10-Series, GeForce GTX 16-Series and GeForce RTX 20-Series graphics cards,” said Vijay Sharma, Product Management Leader for NVIDIA G-SYNC. 

Samsung’s CRG5 also offers a host of optimal gaming modes that make the player experience more comfortable than ever before. Game Mode is an optional setting that automatically and optimally adjusts black gamma levels, contrast, sharpness and color for all types of games. 

The 27-inch Samsung’s CRG5 with a fastest refresh rate and 1500R curvature, eliminates lag and immerse you in the action. Samsung CRG5 is available on the Samsung Website. The price of this world’s best Curved Monitor is $399.99 (US dollar). 

Samsung offers the great technology in the gaming world. You can check other Samsung Gaming Monitors by clicking on the link given below: 

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