Photo Beautification App Reads SMS Verification Code to Activate WAP Billing


The malicious application “Yellow Camera” targets users in Malaysia and Thailand. Now this malicious application is removed from Google Play Store. The Security Researchers Group Trend Micro have found the malicious app that can read SMS verification code from the smartphone notifications. This app can read the code and then activate WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) Billing.  

What is WAP billing? 

Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) billing services are widely used as an alternative payment method for purchasing content from WAP-enabled sites. These services charge purchases directly to the user’s phone bill or credits without having to register for services, key in credentials, or use credit or debit cards.

WAP Billing 

How this App Works? 

  • Once users install the malicious ‘Yellow Camera’ app, it asks for permission to access the ‘Notification’ feature. 
  • Once users grant access permission, the app downloads a file “[MCC+MNC].log” that contains JavaScript payloads and WAP subscription billing site address. 
  • Upon which, a WAP enable billing site is opened via WebView. 
  • The JavaScript payload is designed to auto-click Type Allocation Code (TAC) request button and read the SMS verification code from System Notifications. 
  • The verification code is then used to make a fraudulent WAP subscription. 

Google has immediately responded by removing the app from the Google Play Store. Researchers who uncovered the malicious ‘Yellow Camera’ app and similar other apps have disclosed their findings to Google. 

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