Indian Nuclear Power Plant targeted by Hackers


The news propagating on the internet about the cyber-attack on Indian Nuclear Power Plant. The hackers targeted the Indian Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant. Due to lack of information, the news on social media was that a piece of malware has compromised “Mission-Critical System” at Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant. 

Don’t Worry, the actual news is that the cyber-attack only infected the computer that was not connected to critical controls in nuclear facility. 

The story started after Pukhraj Singh (Indian Security Researcher) tweet. He said that he informed Indian authorities a way back about information stealing malware. The malware used to by hackers was Dtrack.

Nuclear Power Plant

About Dtrack Malware:

According to a previous report published by researchers at Kaspersky, Dtrack is a remote access Trojan (RAT) intended to spy on its victims and install various malicious modules on the targeted computers, including:

  • keylogger, 
  • browser history stealer, 
  • functions that collect host IP address, information about available networks and active connections, list of all running processes, and also the list of all files on all available disk volumes. 

Dtrack allows remote attackers to download files to the victim’s computer, execute malicious commands, upload data from the victim’s computer to a remote server controlled by attackers, and more.

According to the researchers, Dtrack malware was developed by the Lazarus Group, a hacking group believed to be working on behalf of North Korea’s state spy agency. 

After Pukhraj’s tweet, Indian Opposition politicians demanded an explanation of the cyber-attack on Indian Nuclear Power Plant. Indian Government released an official statement, denying any cyber-attack at Kudankulam. 

But later, Indian Government acknowledged the cyber-attack and released a statement that only the administrative computer was compromised at Nuclear Power Plant. Here is the official Statement by Indian Government:

Nuclear Attack TechCybero

Indian Financial Institutions are Attacked by Dtrack RAT

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