Apple to offer up to $1 Million to Hackers for iOS Security


Apple announced $1 Million to hackers or security researchers to find bugs in the devices and report to a company. Apple is taking a major step towards improving iOS Security by announcing $1 Million for hackers to find bugs in software and devices. 

Apple’s Security Head Ivan Krstic, made an announcement in the recent Black Hat USA conference in Las Vegas. Apple’s “Bug Bounty” is a great move, not only for improving iOS Security, but also for the security researchers or hackers who will find flaws in the software.

Apple Security 

The announcement was made at that time in the conference when the evidence was provided that hackers can attack Apple’s iPhone. During the conference, Apple provided a list of maximum possible payouts for finding bugs, scaling with the difficulty of attack. The payouts for different attacks are  

  • $100,000  
  • $250,000 
  • $500,000 
  • $1 Million 

In the Black Hat conference, Apple confirm that it will offer “dev devices” to trusted researchers as a part of iOS Security Research Program. The iPhones will be set up with permission to provide in depth working of iOS, that may cause an increase number of flaws before they appear in beta or public-release software. 

This Bung Bounty program will open up to all researchers, approved by the iPhone maker. The researchers can apply for this Mega Bug Bounty Program for iOS Security, later this year. 

Apple announced its first Bug Bounty Program for iOS Security in 2016. These types of Programs are common. Microsoft, Facebook, Tesla and Hewlett-Packard (HP) also announces these types of programs for improving their security. 

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