Apple released iOS 13. Here see What’s new in iOS 13


Apple released an update to its iOS with amazing new features for iPhone users. The large number of smartphone users are using iPhone because of its great features and secure device in the market. Apple device are considered the most secure devices in the market and people love to us them because Everyone wants their data secure.  



iOS 13 Features: 

Apple released iOS 13 in the market.  Here we will discuss a brief description of these new features in Apple devices. 

Dark Mode: 

  • Beautiful new look 
  • Turn on Manually 
  • Scheduled 
  • Wallpapers 


  • Faster App Launch 
  • Faster Face ID unlock 
  • Smaller app update 
  • Smaller app downloads 


  • All new Photos tab 
  • Auto-Playing Live Photos and Videos 
  • Smart photo previews 
  • Event Titles 
  • Birthday Mode 
  • Filter Control 
  • Video Editing Support 

Privacy and Security: 

  • App location Permission 
  • App location transparency 
  • Location controlled for shared photos 
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth location privacy enhancements 


  • New Map 
  • Look Around 
  • Collections 
  • Favorites 
  • Customer Feedback 


  • Improved voice with neural TTS 
  • Siri Intelligence 
  • Sirikit for Audio 
  • Indian English Voice 

Air Pods: 

  • Announce Messages with Siri 
  • Audio Sharing 

Memoji and Messages: 

  • Share Name and Sticker 
  • Memoji Stickers 
  • Improved Memoji Customization 
  • New Animoji 
  • Animoji Hardware Support 


  • Automatic Language Selection in dictation 
  • Swipe or tap to type 
  • QuickPath 
  • Alternate word option 
  • QuickPath language support


  • Optimized Battery Charging 

Now you have seen the brief features of iOS 13 released by Apple. ClickHere If you want more details on the iOS 13 features list. 

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