Apple Face ID Security can be Bypassed using Glasses


Apple security researchers are improving the iPhone security day by day but there are still some vulnerabilities in iPhone that are not fixed. Hackers and security researchers are trying daily to find those vulnerabilities in the iPhone to bypass those vulnerabilities. Recently security researchers found the vulnerability in the apple security system. Security researcher’s successfully bypassed apple Face ID by using a pair of glasses and tape.

 Apple Face ID

The details of the attack were presented in the Black Hat USA conference 2019. Security researchers managed to get the access of victim’s iPhone by using a pair of modified glasses and tape. Security researchers used black and white tape to modify glasses to bypass apple security.  You can see in the below image that how they modified glasses named X-glasses to bypass Face ID.

Apple Security

To bypass Face ID, you just need to put these X-glasses on the victim’s face. It’s difficult to convince the victim’s for wearing these glasses. But if they are unconscious or drunk, you can put these glasses to transfer payment by using the Face ID authentication method. Apple will find a solution to fix this big vulnerability in their system.

Apple security head also announced up to $1 Million for Hackers and Security Researchers for finding vulnerabilities in the iPhone. The announcement was made in the Black Hat USA 2019, after the security researcher report. 

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