Apple Confirms MacBook Pro Problems in macOS Catalina


Apple has released its new desktop operating system macOS Catalina. It is the latest version of world’s most advanced operating system. Catalina provide its users to enjoy Apple Arcade which is the groundbreaking new game subscription service featuring new, exclusive games from some of the world’s most creative developer. It also features new Mac versions of Apple Music, Apple podcasts and Apple TV apps. 

It also provides users to enjoy their favorite Apple iPad apps on mac versions including Twitter, Triplt, post-It, Jira, GoodNotes and much more. Voice Control, a trans-formative accessibility feature, allows mac to be controlled entirely by voice. 

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Problems in macOS Catalina: 

Apple confirms that there are serious problems in new OS Catalina and affected consumers should refrain from updating the OS until these issues are addressed. Previously, mac book pro versions were equipped with music, playlists and mixes but now iTunes has been discontinued in macOS Catalina due to the removal of XML file. Apple’s advice, if you rely on DJ software that needs this XML file to function, is not to update to Catalina until individual developers have issued compatibility updates for the new operating system. 

macOS Catalina also drops support for 32-bit applications. They simply will not run under the new system, this version of macOS is a 64-bit only world.  

Although you can step back, from Catalina to the previous version of macOS Mojave that destructive process requires you to erase your hard drive and have a backup from before the upgrade to Catalina. Again, it is something that is possible at a technical level but not communicated clearly during the upgrade process.

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