3 Indonesian Credit Card Hackers for Magecart Attacks Arrested by Interpol


The Indonesian Police announced the arrest of 3 Credit Card Hackers, in a joint press conference with Interpol and Cyber-Security firm IB. These Hackers had compromised hundreds of international e-commerce websites and stole their online shopper’s payment detail.

The operation was dubbed as the name “Operation Night Furry”. The Indonesian Police collaboration with Interpol and Singapore based Group IB led the operation to arrest these 3 Magecart-Style Hackers. According to most of cyber-security researchers, the group could be the member of “GetBilling”. 

  • The trio, aged 27, 35, and 23, were identified by their initials AND, K, and NA, respectively. 
  • As confessed by them, the skimmers stole data from 500 credit cards used to shop on 12 websites. 
  • Been operating since at least 2017, GetBilling is responsible for 1 percent of all MageCart Attacks incidents, at a minimum 

Another Cyber-Security Firm Sanguine Security believe the same group is behind the credit card theft at more than 571 online stores. 

The Indonesian Police also revealed that these hackers used stolen credit card to buy electronic and luxury items from websites and then resell them in a low price in Indonesia. One of them admitted to injecting web skimmers into compromised shops since 2017, and revealed that the targets were chosen at random. 

Indonesia Cyber Attack

“This case showed the borderless nature of cybercrime – the operators of the JS-sniffer lived in one country attacking ecommerce websites all around the world. It makes evidence collection, identification of suspects, and prosecution more complicated,” says Vesta Matveeva, Head of Group-IB’s APAC Cyber Investigations team. 

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